"Reconstruct classical aesthetics, revive historical fashion with practical wearable design."

Series 1:

Steampunk Explorer:Nostalgia, Exploration

With the background of the world in the steam age in the 19th century, it combines technology and magic, retro and modern.Women dressed in historical costume, holding imaginative and complex machinery, are not only alchemists, but also scholars, scientists, and explorers.

Series 2:

Renaissance Fair:Simple and Pure

Go through the gate of time and space, and enter the magic fantasy world full of kings and queens, knights and nobles, fairies and elves, pirates and peasants, etc.;
Welcome to the Renaissance Bazaar, where you can experience the mysterious magic of alchemists and witches, and help pirate captains win treasures...

Series 3:

Victorian Estate:Elegant and Romantic

Inspired by the manors of the middle-class life in the Victorian era, using retro oil paintings, plants and flowers, combining the elegance of the romantic period with the curvaceous beauty of ancient Western Europe, turning clothing into a work of art.

Series 4:

Gothic Rhapsody:Mysterious, Dark

As the DNA of Scarlet Darkness, the Gothic Rhapsody series will cater to consumers’ needs for medieval Goth, Victorian Goth, Steampunk Goth, Romantic Goth, and Dark Goth.Reinterpreting the core basic styles with eye-catching details.

"Multiple preferences, multiple roles; Creating more possibilities for yourself."

February 23, 2023 — scarlet darkness

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