Victorian and Steampunk Clothing from Scarlet Darkness

If you’re looking for a new source for your Steampunk wardrobe or Halloween costume, we have found one called Scarlet Darkness. They have a store on Amazon and a brand website with lovely Steampunk and Goth clothes for men and women. (They have some children’s clothes, but they are definitely not Steampunk.)

As the name implies, Scarlet Darkness has a lot of clothes that would be suitable for a vampire costume, but you don’t have to be a vampire to wear them.

We did some exploring, and found several items that you could use and reuse in various costumes or for your regular wardrobe. Here are the Steampunk clothing pieces that we found. You can visit the Scarlet Darkness store here.


This Victorian Steampunk Striped Waistcoat can be worn as a waistcoat over a blouse, but also by itself as a top. It comes in two colors which you can see when you click through to the product page, and would mix well with several of the other items on this page. One thing great about Scarlet Darkness is that they have a measurement chart on each product page to help you determine which size is the best for your body type.

 Womens Victorian Steampunk Striped Waistcoat

Womens Victorian Steampunk Striped Waistcoat


This Gothic Vest is designed to be worn by men, and comes in black (shown here) and red. Great for a Halloween costume, but also for a wedding or another Steampunk or Goth affair. Love the jacquard fabric used here.

 Mens Gothic Vest Waistcoat

Steampunk Pirate Jacquard Paisley Vest Jacket


This Military Steampunk Jacket/Tailcoat is very stylish and can be worn as part of a costume or as regular clothes. It comes in black and wine colors. Designed with a military style and cut, it will enhance any Goth or Steampunk wardrobe. It certainly would be fun to wear year round. It’s made of a polyester/spandex blend, giving it a bit of stretch to fit comfortably. On the product page, you can see the back and details of the front to give you a better view of the buttons and coat tail.

 Womens Steampunk Jacket Tailcoat

Women High-Lo Hem Coat Leg-of-mutton Sleeve Belted coat


Designed for women, this Vintage Retro Waistcoat will mix and match with any Steampunk or Gothic blouse. You could also wear it alone. The waistcoat is available in black (shown here) and a brown tweed that would be perfect for any female Sherlock Holmes costume. While this waistcoat has a belt detail in the back, it doesn’t have any elastic stretch fabrics, so the fit is exact. The pockets are real, small enough to put a clue you pick up while investigating. It comes fully lined. Click through for measurements and sizing.

 Womens Vintage Retro Waistcoat

Lace-up Front Vest Casual Wrapping U-Neck Vest


This cool Gothic Tailcoat is designed for women and comes in two colors with long sleeves (black, wine), and six colors in short sleeves (black, red, green, purple, blue, wine). The color shown below for the short-sleeved tailcoat is red. Wine is a more of a muted burgundy. When ordering check carefully, because not all the sizes are available in all the colors. Note that the product page says they are out of stock of the long-sleeved black jacket until after Halloween 2020, expected November 22, 2020. However, you can wear it throughout the year or to other occasions. There is a detailed size chart and closeups of both jackets on the product page. Click through for more details and to see all the colors.

 Women’s Gothic Tailcoat LS


Women’s Gothic Tailcoat SS



This lovely Gothic Victorian Costume Dress comes in black and brown (shown here). It can be worn alone or with a blouse underneath depending on the time of year and weather. The dress has an elastic back for comfortable fit, and the skirt can be worn gathered up as shown here or down. It looks great both ways. Lots of cool details on this dress including the faux leather, buckles, and lace skirt. Click through for more information.

 Women Gothic Victorian Costume Dress


Men should have pirate pants too, so here is a style of Pirate Ankle Banded Trousers designed for men. These trousers come in two colors, coffee (shown here) and black. These costume pants are multi-functional for a wide range of costumes. You don’t have to be a pirate to wear them. The waist is elastic for a comfortable fit. Click through for sizing information.

 Mens Pirate Ankle Banded Trousers

 Mens Pirate Ankle Banded Trousers


These Victorian Pants have a front-panel opening and come with suspenders in two colors, navy (shown here) or yellow/tan (they call it yellow, we call it tan). Make sure to check sizing carefully before ordering. There is an image on the product page with measurements to help.

 Mens Victorian Pants

Mens Victorian Pants


This lovely Steampunk Victorian Top is designed for women, and comes with the brooch shown in the image below. The brooch is bagged separately, so don’t be upset when you unpack your top. You can also substitute another brooch if you prefer. This top is available in black (shown here) and white. Both are stunning and would look great with your Steampunk skirt or pants. Very versatile piece that you can add to your Steampunk wardrobe collection to mix and match with other pieces.

 Women Steampunk Victorian Top

 Women Steampunk Victorian Top


This Steampunk Gothic Velvet A-Line Skirt comes in black (shown below) and brown. A great addition to your wardrobe, this skirt can be gathered up or let down to wear. When let down the front of the skirt is still higher than the back. The white ruffle makes the design really pop. While this skirt is billed as Gothic and Steampunk, we think you could wear it with a country-style top for a Country Girl costume. It certainly would look great with any of the tops or jackets on this page. To see the other color and detailed images, click through the link below.

 Women’s Steampunk Gothic Velvet Wrap Skirt

To visit and browse the entire Scarlet Darkness shop on Online Shop, go here.
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