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Scarlet Darkness brand currently have two official IG accounts with different styles(renaissance vintage and gothic vintage).



In addition to the daily release of high-quality content, we will also hold giveaways & events from time to time every month.

Design Ur Clothes:


Anniversary Events:



Deals & Discounts:



International Event Cooperation:


Facebook Fans Group:

We have created a discussion space for lovers of retro medieval culture.Here,everyone can share their outfits, discuss retro movies and culture, and our administrators will also post irregular discounts and new product launch notices:


😈Scarlet Darkness Gothic & Renaissance Lovers Group 

👨‍👨‍👦‍👦Come join our brand new family!


You and SD brand:

More and more of you share your stories with Scarlet Darkness on Instagram, we are so happy to have you unique people❤.

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