2023 Spring/Summer New Series To Know

"No need to cater deliberately, simply chasing personality and attitude."

Series 1:

The Garden Tea Party: Gorgeous, Beautiful and Elegant

Inspired by Mansfield's short story "The Garden Tea Party", our designer wants to show a different Victorian romantic style in the upcoming spring. Let's look forward to explore the growth of women's spiritual world in this series.

scarlet darkness renaissance dress

Series 2:

The Western Jungle: Wild, Simple and Free

This series is centered on the earth. Some products use "X" shape and handmade texture design. The unique version and classic design make you close to the outdoor life.

renaissance costumes

Series 3:

Agricultural Poetry Series: Pastoral aesthetics, Unique

In 2023, we hope to focus on more comfortable and durable clothing. We are eager to connect with nature. Therefore, we will start from a simpler lifestyle and explore practical and retro pastoral aesthetics.

renaissance costumes

Series 4:

Thief of The Years: Mysterious, Sexy and Chic

Time always goes by inadvertently, the future and the past, reality and imagination.Our designer thought of extracting clocks, gears, butterflies and other elements to apply to this series.

steampunk clothing

Series 5:

Awakened Frenzy: Patchwork, Personality and Vintage

The boring and fast life suppress our inherent characteristics,the theme of our final series is: dilapidated and romantic goth. Looking for strength in the dark, being true to yourself without reservation.

Goth dress

"On the road of design, we always hope to break the rules and create a simple medieval romanticism."

victorian fashion
joulukuu 25, 2022 — scarlet darkness

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