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Scarlet Darkness 2024 Autumn/Winter New Series To Know

Series 1:

Poetry Pastoral Series: The Madrigal

As the inaugural collection for the autumn and winter of 2024, this series embodies the essence of Scarlet Darkness. It evokes the spirit of an ancient, unassuming musician from the Middle Ages, transitioning from a simple musical style to an independent and liberated cultural attitude, and culminating in a quaint and chic sartorial celebration.

The clothing is inspired by the musical characteristics of the Renaissance, featuring retro classic drawstring elements, multi-layered lotus leaf sleeve designs that move with the rhythm of the music, and irregular hems that resemble staffs.

Through color contrast and other techniques, clothing is used to convey an independent image of women. A strong sense of simplicity is employed to create a cool and unique style.

Scarlet Darkness 2024 Autumn/Winter New Series To Know
The Renaissance period was a crucial stage in the development of musical art. Music is no longer solely a component of religious or social entertainment; it has evolved into a significant medium for expressing human thoughts and emotions.

In the 15th century, music was relatively simple and not as complex as modern music. Instead, it focused more on expressing melody and conveying emotions.

Among them, the emergence of the madrigal has become one of the most important music genres in the Renaissance. The melody is beautiful and moving, and the lyrics express the emotions of music through free-form poetry, filled with a pastoral artistic conception.

The lute became the accompanying instrument for pastoral songs. It is also known as the "poetry lute" and is considered "one of the most emblematic instruments in the Renaissance." It is also a popular instrument for solo performances within families.

Series 2:

Room with a view:An Encounter

Turn the clock and enter a dream, listen to the hymns sung by the choir, immerse yourself in the waters of the Arno River, and surround yourself with the bells of the cathedral. Follow in the footsteps of Scarlet Darkness and return to the "room with a view". Immerse yourself in a romantic encounter.

Scarlet Darkness Collection Room with a view:An Encounter

Inspired by the beautiful costumes in the Victorian movie "A Room with a View", the romantic lace and gorgeous satin represent Lucy's aristocratic status. However, the layers of pleats on the clothes resemble etiquette and dogma. Become the shackles that bind her.

Despite enduring the mental anguish caused by class distinctions, she manages to rouse herself, overcome the constraints of societal expectations, and seek out ideal love.

In that era, it was like a flower blooming alone in the winter snow, shining brightly with gold and glory.

Scarlet Darkness Collection Room with a view:An Encounter

In this blog, I introduced two autumn and winter series from Scarlet Darkness to you. Are you already looking forward to meeting them?

In addition to these two series, we will continue to offer our original five series. Stop for us, and we will bring you more genuine magic.

"Reviving historical fashion with practical, wearable designs at SCARLET DARKNESS."

"Reviving historical fashion with practical, wearable designs at SCARLET DARKNESS."
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