Crimson Peak is a Gothic romance film.Set in the late 19th century, the movie features an array of stunning outfits that perfectly capture the dark and enchanting atmosphere of the story.

Crimson Peak Outfit Ideas

The film's opulent gowns, lavish materials, and somber ambiance leave throughout the movie is shared by every viewer,immersing themselves in that captivating atmosphere. And it's a breeze with outfits inspired by Crimson Peak such as touches of gothic elements: layering, use of silk and velvet, high collars, silk, a vintage brooch, and a cameo necklace, etc.

Attire combines sophistication with a touch of darkness. Patterns and embroidery appeared on men's outfits. Wear a Victorian-style corset over the dress to add structure and enhance the silhouette. Add black lace gloves and a cameo pendant for an extra touch of elegance. Let's explore some outfit ideas inspired by the characters of Crimson Peak.

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Scarlet Darkness Gothic Fashion
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Gothic Velvet Gown Bell-sleeved Lace Patchwork Bodycon Dress

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Steampunk Pirate Jacquard Paisley Vest Jacket

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