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The Renaissance Faire collection of SCARLET DARKNESSscarlet darkness ren faire clothing

Source of inspiration:

In the United States after World War II, people have a strong renewed interest in medieval and Renaissance culture; In 1963, the Renaissance Fair was held, and they wore historical costumes, restored historical culture, and created a new type of event like time travel. Especially the medieval Viking and Renaissance style,all this is to restore classic silhouettes and colors to create the atmosphere of the protagonists of the historical theater.

Design concept:

The Scarlet Darkness 23AW series abandons the tradition of distinguishing series of products by historical periods, will think about the scene of the Renaissance fair, and the whole series will be inspired by how to wear Scarlet Darkness products,to play the Renaissance fair. This season's 2023 autumn and winter series continues to be characterized by classic and flexible design, under the principle of integrating social, individuality, and vitality value points; the classic shape that conforms to ergonomics is simplified, combined with soft materials and comfortable texture Combining with the rich market tones, it shows a sense of nostalgia and familiarity different from the past, highlights the sense of history, and also shows the attitude of cultural exploration; but it does not indulge in reminiscing about the past, but firmly marches towards the ever-changing future.

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Series Story:

This season, we will take you on an amazing journey through time and space.
Experience a medieval amusement park from the 16th century, and be lulled by the tantalizing aromas of roasted turkey legs, staked steaks, and more as you wander the village trails at Renaissance festivals around the world;
Watch artisans create works of art using age-old techniques? Hundreds of revelers such as kings and queens, knights and nobles, fairies and elves live and work in the whole village, and perform continuously on the stage.
Maybe you also want to experience the mysterious magic of alchemists and witches, and assist pirate captains to seize Treasure~~ Have you decided what kind of clothing to wear to enjoy this feast?

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Learn about the Renaissance Faire

learn about Renaissance festival

Renaissance fair/faire/festival

The Renaissance Faire has several variant names, many of which use old-fashioned spellings such as faire or fayre which we often see in reviews. These spellings are derived from Middle English Feire (variant spellings include feyre, faire and fayre), which comes from the Anglo-French word Feire. They may also be called "Elizabethan", "Medieval" or "Tudor" fairs or festivals.
The German Mittelaltermarkt (literally, "Medieval Market") is very similar to a Renaissance fair. Many Catalan towns host Mercats Medievals (literally, "Medieval Markets") as part of their annual festivities.

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What it is: The Renaissance Faire is an outdoor gathering designed to recreate a historical setting (literally, a theme park);
Setting: An imaginary village in England, mainly during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I/Henry VIII (there are also other periods);
Why: Because this period is often considered to correspond to the flourishing period of the English Renaissance;
What to do:
1.Dress up: Dress up in old-timey attire (both staff and customers), not necessarily renaissance, but also medieval, elf, pirate, and other fantasy costumes
2.Watch performances: music performances, drama performances, magic, juggling~
3.Things to buy: medieval and renaissance-themed artefacts, clothing, books, art, food and drink
4.Play games: wrestling, archery, ax throwing, jousting
Holding time: From mid-January to mid-November, all states are covered, and the holding time varies from 2 weeks to 9 weeks (only open on weekends during the specified time period)
Example: Maryland Renaissance Festival: It is open from the last weekend of August and lasts nine weekends
Arizona Renaissance Festival: Held every weekend from mid-winter to early spring;
Where: Led by the U.S., some are permanent theme parks, while others are short-lived events at fairgrounds, wineries, or other large public or private spaces

List of Renaissance fairs in the world:

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Stage Performance:

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Fixed NPC:

Aside from the stage performances, one of the highlights of the Renaissance fairs is the hordes of professional and amateur actors who play historical figures, wander the fairs and interact with visitors. Visitors are encouraged to don costumes to create the illusion of a real Renaissance environment.

Renaissance Festival LARP NPC


Renaissance fairs often feature a variety of food items inspired by medieval fare and typical American fair food such as hot dogs.Foods such as turkey legs, grilled steaks and bread bowls have become iconic foods of the Renaissance holiday. Beer, mead and wine sometimes appear.

What food to eat in Renaissance Festival


Between the stages, the streets ("alleys") are lined with shops and stalls, with independent vendors selling medieval and Renaissance themed crafts, clothing, books and art. There are food and drink vendors, as well as a game and ride area.

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Happy Renaissance, LET'S PARTY!!!

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