Chapter One
——"You don't find a style. A style finds you." 


Inspired by the dressing concept of Western classical aesthetics.

Scarlet Darkness brand was created in 2018 to restore and display classic from the medieval period to the the edwardian era.

We offer women and men an alternative fashion wardrobe dominated by mutiple styles.

the Gothic style as brand tone,combines with early gothic to late baroque and rococo in the eighteenth century,as far as possible to restore and show the European mid 15th century to early 20th century aristocratic bustling exquisite side.


Here, you are not a warrior, you are just yourself.

Get rid of the shackles of labels given by the outside world,take off the armor on your shoulders and let go of your trivial life for a while.

May you find your inner self in scarlet darkness.



Chapter Two
A letter from the team of designers

Dear customer,

What we sell is not only a style but also an attitude to life, it derived from the precipitation of time and art.

Find the best state of balance between nature and life without fear of secular prejudice.

Our clothes always maintain the brand's unique tone and design.

Create a new, classic, dramatic, chic and comfortable atmosphere through design details.

We aim to provide customers with high quality, competitive price, and excellent service. 

Aimez la vie comme vous aimez l'art.


Best regards,

Scarlet Darkness Team