"Celebrate Life's Vibrancy with Scarlet Darkness."

Series 1: Medieval Renaissance Fête

Participate in the Renaissance Festival in the happiest state - decoding stress!

Inspired by characters such as witches, pirates, hunters, and tavern girls,our designer aims to explore the inclusiveness between historical culture and modern art in this series, starting from the pioneering spirit of human beings towards new cultural thoughts during the Western Renaissance.

Combining the beauty of western classical, romantic and passionate women, the design language is developed, and the two are perfectly integrated. Create the beauty of retro and elegant classical spirituality.

renaissance dress for women

Series 2: Prosperous Garden Dreamland

Have a date with spring in the bustling flowers.

Have you ever dreamed about flowers? In this series we will take you back to the pre-Victorian period known as the "Romantic Period".

The idea of neoclassicism inspires designers to find inspiration from nature.Taking the garden as the main scene and flower patterns as the design point, it presents a rich and romantic vision.

Scarlet darkness floral dress women

Series 3: Dance of Swans

Barbie twirls through time, uniting Victorian elegance and the art of ballet!

Scarlet Darkness's last collection for spring summer series revolved around ballet, creating an image of an elegant swan dancer.

Through the bowknot, the characteristic element of ballet, the layer gauze skirt is combined with the Victorian style, which not only shows the lightness and elegance of classical ballet, but also contains the retro romance of Victoria.

In this way, we will take you to explore the inner beauty of women.

barbie ballet dress

"Inspire free spirits everywhere with vibrant, playful and romantic fashion."

August 22, 2023 — scarlet darkness

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